Silke Dettmers

  • Foundation Year faculty


Silke Dettmers trained at St. Martin’s School of Art and the Royal College of Art, London. Her artistic practice comprises of sculptures, drawing and photography. She exhibits regularly, and her work was included in 2014 in the group exhibition ‘Mark Wallinger Presents…’ (Bermondsey Project, London); ‘Compulsion’ (Shuffle Festival, London) in 2013, and ‘Territories’ (Windkracht Gallery, Den Helder, NL) in 2012. In 2008 her work was selected for ‘art projects’ (London Artfair) and ‘Concrete Dreams’ (APT Gallery, London). Dettmers lectures at a number of British arts universities, and has taught in Poland and Colombia. She also curates exhibitions and writes on arts related subjects.

On drawing

Drawing can be a relief in as much as it is not concerned – as sculpture is – with the laws of gravity, engineering and costs. Occasionally I start a piece without any preparation, responding spontaneously to a material or found object. Most of the time however, drawing precedes and accompanies construction. Drawing is a 'cleansing' process, a freeing from those very technical problems. But it is also a playground for the imagination. Some of the drawings I do never get translated into 3D, and many are done purely for the pleasure of the process itself.

Silke Dettmers