Drawing and Movement: 5 Week Course

My objective is to test to what extent my hands already feel what my eyes see.
August Rodin 

In this five-week course students will learn to see the inner rhythms of the body in action, to create drawings that are the work of the eye and hand at the instant of seeing. By observing and drawing the model changing from position to position, sometimes slowed down and sometimes at normal speed, students will begin to learn to capture the essence of movement. By encouraging them to grasp the essence of form, students will increase their vocabulary of mark making and thereby come closer to finding their own personal language as artists.

Full-time BA students studying for a degree in Fine Art receive up to a 75% discount. Those studying on design or applied arts degrees may also be eligible on a case-by-case basis. Student ID and proof of enrollment must be submitted.

Full-time practising fine artists under 40 years of age in need of financial help may apply for a 75% discount on a maximum of two courses; applicants must submit a portfolio of ten drawings and fill in an application form which can be downloaded from the website. These must be submitted before term starts on 3 and 4 of April only. Please contact the office in advance of submitting your application to reserve a place on your chosen course. 

Primary and secondary school teachers who teach art receive a 50% discount; to apply participants must submit proof in the form of a letter from their head teacher or the head of the art department.

Individuals on job seekers allowance receive a 50% discount; to apply participants must submit proof that they are currently on the job seekers register.

Postgraduate alumni of the Royal Drawing School receive a 50% discount. 

Individuals who receive disability support are eligible for a 50% discount; to apply participants must submit proof that they are currently receiving this allowance.

Tower Hamlet and Hackney residents are eligible for a 25% discount; to apply participants must show proof of living in these boroughs. 

Individuals over the age of 60 may apply for a 10% discount.

All of our course rates are subsidised and we also offer a comprehensive concessions scheme. View all course fees and concessions.