Easter Holiday // Painting in Colour: Memory and Imagination

When we work from memory, we are trying to capture something illusive, that is filtered through the lens of our imagination. How can we pull an image out of the ether and place it onto a two dimensional surface? If you see something and try to draw it afterwards it eludes you. You may remember some vital details but the whole feeling of the event can only be caught if you sketch freely and then work slowly towards a complete picture. The tones and colours we see have been transposed into the colours in our paint box. All of this takes time and practice. Through the use of sets and working with a model, we will create the conditions that allow us to explore. Through the practice of memory in relation to painting we will work with how we perceive colours directly from observation and also how we ‘feel’ colour. Drawing inspiration from Tate Modern’s Bonnard exhibition, Colour of Memory, we will investigate how the use of colour can direct the story we wish to tell. On the first day we will visit the exhibition where we will make drawings from the works there and discuss the way in which Bonnard so beautifully uses memory and drawing in his paintings. This will lead directly into the studio work. Watercolour, gouache and coloured inks will be explored in the first two days, moving onto oil paint for the remainder of the week. All levels welcome.

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