Mezzotint Weekend Masterclass

In this two day weekend masterclass, with visiting artist Ali Yanya, students of all experiences will gain in-depth skills and knowledge of the beautifully rich format of mezzotint printmaking. Among many printmaking techniques and processes, mezzotint (half-tone) in particular stands out when it comes to creating velvety blacks and delicate, soft mid-greys. It is a perfect medium for reproducing dramatic light effects and contrasts. 

The technique dates back to the mid 17th century and had its golden age in 18th century England, however it was largely neglected in the 19th century due to developments of cheaper reproductive printmaking techniques. We will look at the work of Prince Rupert, John Martin and Yozo Hamaguchi as well as contemporary international artists who are at the forefront of the current revival of mezzotint. After a detailed demonstration, you will be using your own drawings which will be developed into a suitable image to transfer onto a pre-rocked copper plate. Before working on your plate there will be exercises with the mezzotint rocker, burnisher and scrapper. You will also be introduced to some other alternative techniques related to this medium. Open to all levels from the complete beginner to experienced printmakers looking to delve into the world of mezzotint.

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