Linda Heathcoat-Amory, Academic Board Chair

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Linda Heathcoat Amory is a professional painter, living in London and Scotland. After studying painting at Camberwell and printmaking at the Royal College of Art, she worked in the print studio at Hornsey College of Art. Her strong interest in works of art on paper led her into the field of paper conservation. After working as an apprentice to a book restorer she finally opened her own conservation studio….where she worked mainly on 20th century prints and drawings, most particularly for the Petersburg Press. After twelve years she returned to painting and started with interior commissions. She showed at the David Kerr gallery and now exhibits at the Jonathan Clark gallery in Park Walk, Fulham. Her subject matter comprises interiors, still lifes, figure compositions and landscapes, currently with a focus on trees and plants.

'To paint a landscape, a tree or even a foxglove, there has to be a very personal connection, a friends place, somewhere nearby or perhaps something I have planted. By drawing and painting these things I learn more about my relationship with them, and they become an extension of my life.'

Linda is also a Trustee of The Monument Trust  which supports the Arts and Heritage, Criminal Justice and Health and Community Care.

On drawing

For me, the very first step towards making a painting is making a drawing. The drawing denotes scale and composition. It can also set out a hierarchy of marks which informs the way I paint the picture. As well as being a spring-board for a completed image, I very often leave my drawings to stand alone. I draw from nature, from other drawings, from other paintings, from other artists, from life and photographs.

On the Royal Drawing School

I have been a Trustee here for twelve years and during that time I have noticed the growth of respect for the practice of drawing in this country and I believe this is partly due to the breadth of vision at the Royal Drawing School. The proof is there; we have our competitors now and we are expanding with the addition of a Foundation course at Trinity Buoy Wharf and Royal Drawing School Central, with summer schools at each venue! 

Many, many different people come through these doors: artists, graphic designers, filmmakers and animators, sculptors, printmakers and those who never thought they could! It’s a great place. They come to draw, therefore extending their knowledge of the world!

Linda Heathcoat-Amory