Drawing Clubs student meets HRH The Prince of Wales

Dec. 12, 2014

Nikol, a 12 year-old student on the Drawing Clubs, talks about her experience of meeting HRH The Prince of Wales at the Royal Drawing School announcement exhibition.

From the moment my parents told me I was invited to a special announcement at The Prince's Drawing School, to the moment I left the event, I felt extremely privileged, honoured and proud to have been chosen to attend. I have always tried my best when making art work, and I felt very happy to know that the Drawing School supported me, and saw my progress. 

When I arrived at the venue with my father, I saw all the other children who had been invited. It was really interesting and inspiring to see their different styles and interpretations of the art work in the gallery. Some of the adult artists at the event came to have a chat with me and were also very fascinating. They each had different careers and interests in art, and I had a particularly deep conversation with one of them about Faber Castell pens! 

Then HRH The Prince of Wales arrived and gave a speech about changing the School’s name and how it had grown; from one tutoring group to thousands of students all across London! He came to then meet the students (and me!) that go to the School. When he came round to me, he shook my hand, and we talked about our favourite mediums, and how we would use them. He also looked at my sketch pad, and praised me on my work. I am delighted to know that throughout my time on The Drawing Clubs the tutors are supporting me and HRH The Prince of Wales is also supporting and acknowledging our hard work!

Written by Nikol, Drawing Clubs student age 12

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Royal Drawing School Announcement Display

Royal Drawing School Announcement

Royal Drawing School Announcement Display