Easter Holiday // Inspired by the V&A: Drawing into Sculpture

This is a five day sculpting and drawing course that uses the rich collection of art at the V&A Museum as our resource. Each day we will examine the different cultures represented at the museum, and through drawing, find a way to understand the distinct attitude, philosophy and sensibility that the cultures bring to their feeling for and handling of materials and sub­ject. In the afternoons at the studio, we will work with a model, exploring the sensibility or approach discovered in the morning, to sculpt a head. At the end of the week it is intended that we will have a number of small heads and drawings each suffused with a distinctly different sense. This highly structured course is intended to appeal to those wanting to extend and develop their ways of seeing and working through art, examining the age old relationship between sculpture, drawing and painting, and the draughtsmanship issues connected with using drawing as an interpretive and constructional tool. Beyond this we hope to have an enjoyable, stimulating and productive time.

Unfortunately, we do not offer concessions on our Easter holiday courses.

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