A Selection from The Drawing Clubs Annual Exhibition 2015

Royal Drawing School Shoreditch

Sept. 17, 2015 – Oct. 1, 2015

Students on the Royal Drawing School's Drawing Clubs, all young artists aged 10-18, had the opportunity to exhibit their work for two weeks in September at The Drawing Clubs Annual Exhibition, held in the School's Shoreditch gallery.
  • Martha Tromans
    Martha Tromans
  • Zack Chance
    Zack Chance
  • Nicole Enya McPeake
    Nicole Enya McPeake
  • Jemuel Freo-Lucero
    Jemuel Freo-Lucero
  • Simona Panderova
    Simona Panderova
  • Joe Heffernan
    Joe Heffernan
  • Amber Van Den Berg
    Amber Van Den Berg
  • Stella Maclaine
    Stella Maclaine
  • Lucia Emi Shindate
    Lucia Emi Shindate
  • Ananda Holland
    Ananda Holland
  • Dana Bell
    Dana Bell
  • Anita Kuzmanoski
    Anita Kuzmanoski
  • Chelsea Dacoco
    Chelsea Dacoco
  • Joseph Adesoji
    Joseph Adesoji
  • Adam Headley
    Adam Headley
  • Lila Cusset
    Lila Cusset
  • Molly Andrews
    Molly Andrews
  • North Garms
    North Garms
  • Drawing Club Student
    Drawing Club Student
  • Emma McAndrew D'Souza
    Emma McAndrew D'Souza
  • Ciara Taylor
    Ciara Taylor
  • Amy Robinson
    Amy Robinson
  • Eliza Scott
    Eliza Scott
  • Muri Nunes
    Muri Nunes
  • Agnes Friend
    Agnes Friend
  • Abie Alexander-Ikwue
    Abie Alexander-Ikwue
  • Elika Charlton
    Elika Charlton
  • Ruth-Anna French
    Ruth Anna French
  • Mikhaila Ablaza
    Mikhaila Ablaza
  • Ruben Bo Dower
    Ruben Bo Dower
  • Nikol Boyadzheiva
    Nikol Boyadzheiva
  • Zack Chance
    Zack Chance
  • Lily Andrews
    Lily Andrews
  • Layla Jade El-Salahl
    Layla Jade El-Salahl
  • Umloda Ibrahim
    Umloda Ibrahim
  • Ruth Anna French
    Ruth Anna French
  • Anita Kuzmanoski
    Anita Kuzmanoski
  • Heads
    Drawing Clubs Students
  • Andrea Daughton
    Andrea Daughton
  • Eden Bo Dower
    Eden Bo Dower
  • Uzochukwu Anosike
    Uzochukwu Anoskie
  • Iris Bowdler
    Iris Bowdler
  • Angelina Ahmeti
    Angelina Ahmeti
  • Ruben Stilitz
    Ruben Stilitz
  • Nikol Boyadzheiva
    Nikol Boyadzheiva
  • Heads
    Drawing Clubs Students
  • Antonia Antrobus-Higgins
    Antonia Antrobus-Higgins
  • Yuyee Tucker
    Yuyee Tucker
  • Ilfa Rommdan
    Ilfa Rommdan
  • Carmela Docherty
    Carmela Docherty
  • Sam Glynn
    Sam Glynn