Miles Thistlethwaite: His Drawing Life

East Portlemouth Garden

East Portlemouth Garden © Miles Thistlethwaite

Miles Thistlethwaite studied on The Drawing Year, the Royal Drawing School’s postgraduate programme, in 2003-4. Born in 1948, he has drawn, painted and made prints since childhood. He says of his work; ‘Drawing and printmaking have always been part of life. I like vanishing into the state of intense concentration and observation which drawing requires. Chosen subjects tend to be inanimate – landscapes, buildings, trees or paper bags (although the odd cow or person can worm their way into a picture). Things stay put and can be revisited.’

Storm Victim

Storm Victim © Miles Thistlethwaite

Whelk Diptych

Whelk Diptych © Miles Thistlethwaite